Anti-Tan Facial
Anti-Tan Facial
Brand : VLCC
Packaging type : Mono Dose

45 Minutes

Services Offered

- Suitable for Combination Skin Type

- 5 Steps Facial contains

  • Oatmeal Scrub
  • Melawhite Gel
  • Melawhite Powder
  • Pista Massage Cream
  • Melawhite Pack
Total Price
₹ 1000.00 ₹ 595

  • Benefits:  Its natural ingredients like oatmeal, almond, pista and aloe vera etc lighten the tan, blemishes and fades the pigmentation. It help to remove the tan and leave the skin glowing and radiant.
  • We recommend a facial once a month. 
  • Sunscreen application is recommended after a facial especially while going outside. 
  • Steam is not included during summers and monsoon.  

Note: All Covid-19 Safety Measures have been taken as per the guidelines from WHO